Inflammation & CAncer lab @ NUS

Welcome to our lab! Our lab's long-goal is to be experts in the field of inflammation and cancer

Latest project


The LL Lab has recently been funded a MOE Tier 2 grant on stress, the immune system and cancer!   Exciting PHD projects and 1 post-doc are available!


Have you ever wondered about the link between stress and disease? Do people who are stressed have more risk in getting cancer? We will examine exactly this question using in vitro models and 2 mouse models of breast cancer. Ultimately, by better understanding the mechanism in which stress hormones are involved in breast cancer metastasis, as well as in the immune response to cancer, it may be possible to develop novel therapeutics for breast cancer in the future, perhaps by doing yoga and other stress relieving exercise

​Latest Published Paper

We are proud to present our latest paper in the journal  Cell Death and Disease titled  Congratulations Gracemary Yap on her PHD paper!